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SA: Ellie 3.0 by LaudyLau SA: Ellie 3.0 by LaudyLau
Name: Ellinia "Ellie"
Island: Skyloft
Loftwing's Name: Fawkes
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Gender: Female
Knight Level: Freshman
Personal Items: 
---Beginner's Sword
---Crude Bow  
---Mother's Sailcloth
---Red Potion

Personality: Ellie is a bit more tomboyish than most of the girls around Skyloft. Though she doesn't mind getting dressed up when the occasion calls for it, she'd much rather be comfortable. She doesn't mind getting dirty, and plays the occasional prank. She's the island bully, and often times people believe she's far too cold or has no heart at all. Ellie is also incredibly cocky. In her mind, anything you can do, she can do better, and if you can't do it, she'll show you that she can. If it turns out she can't do it, she'll tell you she's just having an off day.

Any time she opens her mouth, you can usually expect a rude comment in reply to whatever you've done or said. She has recently gone through a break up, and while completely understanding of the other person's wishes, it has still left her mildly bitter and probably a bit meaner than she's ever been. She's gone back to picking fights with people for no reason. She's also made a habit of doing things like shoving people into the lake and mud puddles, smashing pumpkins in the middle of walkways, and pelting people with pebbles from roof tops. 

Brief Bio: Ellie was born and raised in Skyloft. She lives with her father on the outer edge of the island. She has never met her mother, that she can recall. When Ellie was very young still, the woman left for the surface and never came back up. It's unknown if she's still alive, and the people of Skyloft created a gravestone for her. Both of her parents attended the Knight Academy. Her father runs the scrap shop, and goes by the nickname "Papa" after Ellie was born, as he hates his real name. Her mother graduated to become a full-fledged knight, and was quite a few years older than her father. When it was found that she was pregnant with Ellie, Papa dropped out of the academy and started working in the Bazaar, eventually taking over the Scrap Shop. Ellie acts like she doesn't care too much about the mother she's never met, but she will sometimes bring flowers to her grave, and sleeps with her hand-me-down sailcloth as a blanket.

Ellie likes collecting random junk. A great way to get on her good side is to give her some useless trinket or junk item. Her necklace is an amber relic she found, and she made a beaded necklace for her Loftwing made out of monster claws and an ornamental skulls, things she collected from sneaking out at night and practicing her slingshot on the monsters. She has amazing aim with her slingshot, and very rarely misses. She now uses a bow, which she is getting better at using and finding much more fun to use than her slingshot. 

Fun Facts!
-Ellie cares more than people think she does. She isn't sure how to portray her emotions properly, so they end up all filtering back to anger and frustration.
-She is EXTREMELY over-protective of Eeva and Leenan.
-Much to her dismay, Prion is the one who taught her how to use a bow.
-If she doesn't say something that's actually rude, it will probably come across in her tone.
-She is incredibly bad at remembering people's names. She doesn't call people names to be mean (most of the time), she just legitimately has no idea what your name is.
-She's incredibly far sighted. She refuses to wear glasses to class because they make her look less badass. She scowls at her books during class because she can't read the words, and does all her schoolwork by herself in her room.
-Ellie is a severe daddy's girl, despite being tomboyish. She absolutely hates when people find him attractive, and hates it even more when someone actually hits on him.
-Ellie had somehow convinced Eeva to be her sweetheart for a time, but due to personal reasons, the relationship ended. They are still good friends, but Ellie feels as though she's the one that messed up everything. As a result, she stays angry because she can't forgive herself.

Eeva- Ellie's best friend. The two were together for a time, but have separated. Ellie harbors no ill will toward the girl and her decision, and is happy they were able to stay good friends after everything.
Leenan- Ellie's best friend and adopted brother. She loves him unconditionally, and supports whatever choices he makes. 
Wren- Thought his name was Marcus for a really long time. He's alright. If she had to choose people to be stuck in a room with, Wren would be on the list of people she wouldn't mind.
Prion- Somehow manages to make Ellie experience different kinds of emotions (which she perceives as different levels of hate and rage). She's convinced that she wants him to die. But dammit if his lips aren't soft-looking. 
Sloan- Ellie calls her Tweak, but it has gone from mean to endearing. The more she hangs out with Talfryn and Sloan, the more she has respect for the girl. Despite the weak-looking stutter, Ellie sees Sloan becoming stronger every day and fully respects her for it.
Talfryn- Talfryn is an okay guy. Ellie likes that he can hold his own in a fight, and because of that she doesn't pick fights with him. 
Uma- The girl is intense. The two have a very strong, very healthy sort of rivalry. Over what? No one is sure, but they end up fighting a lot, and usually laughing about it with eachother afterward. (Well, Uma does the laughing.)
Asieem- Uma's boyfriend. He's a cool bro.
Harrier- Ellie finds Harrier super chill. She's also curious about Harrier's gender and has tried on more than one occasion to spy on them in the bath.
Kavu- Someone Ellie argues with a lot but never actually hits. She finds his witty banter hilarious, even though a lot of the time he's outsmarting her.

Gratitude Crystals: 14
Item Check:
---Crude Slingshot
---Seed Satchel
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